Getting people moving

Welcome to ACE!

We are enthusiastic to welcome you into our global community of more than 85,000 ACE Certified Professionals who are deeply committed to getting more people moving. 

We know you may have some questions about your new home. Watch this welcome message from Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, founder of The Cooper Institute, and Cedric X. Bryant, President and Chief Science Officer at ACE, and take a look at answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Why is this transition happening?

Over the past year, The Cooper Institute has decided to refocus its efforts on its greatest strengths—providing world-class medical care and conducting landmark epidemiological studies that contribute to the body of scientific evidence supporting the positive impact of physical activity on public health-related outcomes. As part of this transition, The Cooper Institute has made the difficult decision to conclude its personal trainer certification program.

Thus, it is time to find a new home that is aligned with The Cooper Institute’s values for its CI-CPTs. Among the organizations like The Cooper Institute that offer NCCA-accredited personal trainer certification programs, the American Council on Exercise is The Cooper Institute’s true philosophical ally. CI-CPTs will become ACE Certified Personal Trainers, officially starting April 1, 2019. 

What action do I need to take?

You should have received an email and a letter from The Cooper Institute informing you of the transition. Additionally, ACE will be reaching out—first through email, and then through certified mail once account activation and address verification has taken place. Account activation instructions can be found in the first email correspondence you received from ACE on Friday, March 22. You can also access the page for account activation here.

Will my certification with ACE be honored everywhere my CI-CPT is?

ACE and The Cooper Institute worked together to get approval from the NCCA on the transition, referred to as Reciprocal Certification. The NCCA approved the request, meaning that the two programs are equivalent in rigor and CI-CPTs can be transitioned over to become ACE Professionals.

If employers need verification, either ACE or The Cooper Institute is happy to assist. Additionally, they can be directed to the US Registry of Exercise Professionals website for verification where CI-CPTs will be transitioned over to ACE Professionals and remain active exercise professionals.

What should I do if I purchased a voucher to take an exam but haven’t scheduled my exam yet?

If you purchased a voucher but haven’t scheduled and/or sat for your exam, please contact The Cooper Institute at 800-635-7050. They will assist you in next steps.

Will I get a new certificate from ACE in the mail? 

What if I haven’t received my certificate yet?

In order to receive your certificate from ACE, you need to log in using the link in the email provided to verify your credentials and mailing address. Certificates will be sent out starting April 1 and may take 7-10 business days to arrive.  You can also access the page for account activation here.     

What if I haven’t received an email or letter?

If you haven’t received an email from ACE with instructions for the transition, please contact ACE Customer Service at 888.825.3636, Ext. 782.  

What if I am already ACE Certified?

If you already have an ACE Certification, ACE will honor whichever expiration date is most long-standing. Since you already have an ACE account, your information will be transferred over and added to your existing account. The access link provided will still work, though activation is not necessary.

Do I still use CI-CPT as credentials in my name?

Starting April 1, you will officially be considered an ACE Certified Professional if you were a CI-CPT in current and good standings. You will receive access to your ACE portal as well as a welcome packet in the mail that will provide more detail, including a new certification number. All your information from your CI-CPT certification will remain on record in your new ACE account.

Will my certification renewal automatically transfer?

Your expiration, renewal and CECs will all remain as is when you transfer over and become an ACE Certified Professional.